Text Transforms

TextTool comes with built-in text transforms for almost every need. Don't see what you need? You can write your own!

  • Add/Remove List Markers
  • Affix Text
  • Change Case
  • Comment/Uncomment Code
  • Dedupe Lines
  • Educate/Simplify Text
  • Escape/Unescape Metacharacters
  • HTML Entities to Text/Text to HTML Entities
  • Indent/Outdent Lines
  • Join Lines/Split Text
  • Remove First/Last Line
  • Search/Replace
  • Sort Lines
  • Spaces to Tabs/Tabs to Spaces
  • Trim Whitespace
  • URL Encode/Decode
  • Wrap Text Cleanly
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Full-Featured Text Editor

A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting (Markdown, JavaScript, JSON, and XML/HTML), line numbers, convenient gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and more!

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Powerful Scripting Engine

TextTool is backed by a powerful scripting engine (and custom libraries) allowing you to write your own text transformations in JavaScript. Run scripts directly against the editor or save your scripts to create a reusable library.

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Innovative custom trackpad for easy cursor movement and text selection.


Search your text and show matches in context (regular expressions supported).


A temporary "scratchpad" to store and manipulate text without affecting your document.

Share Extension

Easily send text from other apps directly to TextTool with the ability to append, prepend, or replace.


Comes with four app themes so you can choose the look that's right for you.


Choose from most installed fonts, including a number of fonts specific to TextTool.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Plenty of shortcuts for those who prefer using hardware keyboards.

Line Editor

Special editor to easily arrange and organize your document.

Organize Transforms

Don't like the default order for the transforms? Rearrange them! Organize them into tabs!


Fully supports Side-by-Side and Slide Over on iPad (when available on the device).

Markdown/HTML Preview

Preview rendered Markdown or HTML, choose from seven themes, and export themed results.

Keyboard Accessory

Extra keyboard row to allow easily access all the characters you need.


Support for x-callback-url to integrate with your workflows such as those from Workflow or Drafts.

Detailed Documentation In-App

All the documentation you need is available right in the app.


iCloud sync, VoiceOver support, localization, and much more!

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